815 S. SoDERQUIST - tURLOCK, ca  95380

For a complete selection of our Ford 1932 Hoods, please download our Catalog.

#551A   1932 Cowl Induction Only               $570.00

#569A   1932 6 Row Top Only                    $545.00

#562A    1932 4 Row Top Only                    $495.00

#554    1932 Plain Top/25 Louver Sides      $695.00

#550    1932 Plain Top/20 Louver Sides          $695.00

3 Piece Hoods

#536   1932 Plain Tops/1 Scoop Sides          $1060.00

#514   1932 3 Row Tops/4 Row Sides              $910.00

#510   1932 2 Row Tops/3 Row Sides              $860.00

#508    1932 Plain Tops/4 Row Sides              $760.00

#506    1932 Plain Tops/3 Row Sides              $760.00

#504    1932 Plain Tops/25 Louver Sides      $760.00

#530    1932 Plain Tops/Plain Sides              $760.00

#500    1932 Plain Tops/20 Louver Sides      $760.00

#503    1932 Plain Tops/25 Henry Louver Sides      $1,260.00

#503A    1932 Pair 25 Henry Louver Sides Only         $890.00

We have the 25 Henry Louver Sides now available.  The louvers are very deep and very open.  You can look at the complete engine and then look through the engine bay and out the other side.  The louvers are bowed outward from the centerline of the car as well as the dummy louvers at the front and the back.  The panels also have the correct twist front to back.  These will fit your original Ford top panels.  Made in both four piece and three piece styles, they can be ordered to fit cars with stretched chassis as well.   

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Ford 1932 Hoods

The stock hoods are made exactly as the originals with the same gauge metal.  Both the 20 and 25 louver hoods are available.  All hoods are fit to a cowl and radiator shell to assure an accurate contour.  Hot rod styles with various louver patterns are available in the same high quality.  Pressed steel handles and clips with rubber bumpers attached.  Polished stainless steel center hinge molding included.

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