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Finest quality Model A running boards made from the original Ford blueprint dies.  Same gauge as the originals.  Edges are folded and the holes and contours are exactly as the originals.  On the 1928-29 running boards the script is sharp and clear and the tops are genuine rubber molded.  The 1931 passenger boards are vulcanized with genuine rubber at 250 pounds of pressure at 350 degree heat with the rubber protruding through the holes on the bottom.  The passenger boards have zinc molding strips included.


#364     1928-29 Passenger Running Boards     370.00

#368     1931 Passenger Running Boards     $715.00

#360     1926-27 Running Boards     $360.00

#350   1910-11 Torpedo  Running Boards   $315.00

#358     1913-25 Running Boards     $360.00

#356     1911-12 Running Boards     $360.00

#354   1910 Running Boards   $215.00

Ford Running Boards

Superior running boards made from the only set of Ford blueprint dies.  Same gauge metal as the originals.  Accurate sharp script and diamond pattern and the contour and the shapes of the holes on the ends are exactly as the originals with the edges folded.  The running boards are only sold in pairs.