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Model A Speedster Kit

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#800     Complete T Speedster Kit      $6115.00

#805     Body Kit Only                          $2025.00

Model T Speedster Kit

The Model T Speedster is easy to assemble.  You will need to provide your own chassis and running gear.  The kit is designed to fit perfectly on any 1909 to 1925 chassis.  For a low, racy look use a dropped axle and lowered rear cross-member.  Choose either the curved top or flat top special speedster fenders with a free floating skirt.  The Torpedo style hood gives a longer look and provides more ventilation.  Use a monocle windshield or order a straight top firewall to use with a stock windshield.  If you prefer a standard type speedster use a stock axle and cross member with our T Speedster Body Kit.  Add your choice of early Model T stock fenders with the corresponding splash aprons and running boards.