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815 S. SoDERQUIST - tURLOCK, ca  95380

#639A    1934 Plain Top Only No Cutout     $645.00

#647B    1934 6 Row Top Only No Cutout     $795.00

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3 Piece Hoods

#630     1934 Plain Tops/ Plain Sides w/Cutout     $950.00

#624     1934 Plain Tops/ 3 Row Sides w/Cutout     $950.00

#620     1934 Plain Tops/ Stock Sides w/Cutout     $1150.00

Ford 1934 Hoods

Superior quality 1934 hoods!  The stock hood is exactly as the original using the same gauge metal.  All hoods are pre-fit to a cowl and a radiator shell to assure the correct contour.  Hoods are complete with handles, spring assemblies and stainless steel center hinge molding.  1934 louvers are on a slant following the hoods contour.