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How to Make a Hood Pattern

Making a Pattern for a One-Piece Top

Starting in the middle of the door, place 3/4" masking tape under the beltline with the top edge of the tapeline placed into the bottom fold of the belt.  Tape should be flat on the field area of door and not on any portion of the beltline.  Continue forward on the car placing tapeline under beltline on the cowl area.  Then moving to the front of the car, stretch tapeline making sure you are projecting the belt in a straight line across the engine opening.  When the projected beltline looks correct stick tape to the side of the grill shell.  Repeat the process on the other side of the car.  Be sure both of the tapelines are the same height on the grill shell.

Start on one side by moving up 1" from the first tapeline that was started and run tapeline from the grill to the cowl.  Repeat this process until you come to the tapeline on the other side of the car.  You will have what looks like a see thru top panel of tapelines.

Next take butcher paper and lay over the tape area.  Trim it down to approximately 2" larger than finished size pattern.  Tape the four corners down without pulling tapelines out of shape.  Using a sharpened pencil lay it on its side and trace the edge of the cowl thru the paper.  Repeat this step on the grill shell as well.  Then go back to the two bottom tape lines and mark the top of the tapeline where it meets the cowl and the grill shell.  This is marking where the bottom of the beltline on the hood will be.  Now mark on the paper where the top of the beltline on the cowl is.  With all of the different bodies made today the beltline width can very greatly.  Now you have a full pattern.  No gap at the shell and no gap at the cowl.  We recommend a 1/8" gap so trim pattern accordingly.  You may wish to grind the ends to fit and that is fine also.

Please remember-

What you send to us is what you get back from us!

Making a paper pattern also lets you see what the car will look like on completion.  If you do not like the look now is the time to change things.  It is much cheaper than having us build another hood. 

We have made thousands of hoods from this pattern method with excellent results and we recommend a pattern for custom hoods over a 3" stretch to ensure the best quality and fit possible.  If you have any questions please feel free to call us.

Special Orders

Stock Hoods

We can manufacture reproduction hoods for nearly all pre-1935 automobiles if we have a pattern.  In case of only one car in existence o other various circumstances, we require drawings or photographs and the dimensions for the hood.  Special stock hoods of many designs can be made upon request.  We can make hood panels of steel, aluminum (polished, satin or natural finish) copper and brass where required. 

Street Rod Hoods

Hood tops may be lengthened or shortened to any length required.  Hood sides may be lengthened or shortened front to back and top to bottom.  We can make special top panels to fit blowers or to accommodate other engine alterations.


We make southern wide track fenders and Canadian Model T fenders.  We can reproduce fenders for almost all early cars to 1925 if the customer will furnish patterns of samples.

Special Sheet Metal

If you have a special sheet metal need, send us several detailed photos of your part.  We ill evaluate the possibility of production and the approximate time and cost for the reproduction.